Working Abroad

You want to travel. You want to see the world. You want to explore. So how do you do this when everyone is telling you that your 9-5 job is what you should do instead of wasting times on an unstable wage?

Well you tell them to stick it basically! Not only is the world huge, but it is also extremely interconnected, full of developing countries, foreign languages and jobs that DO allow you to travel, make money AND see the world.


1. Au Pair – There are many websites dedicated to offering au pair positions, many which allow you to act as an exchange student and get paid accommodation along with a salary. Of course the drawbacks are looking after kids (if you don’t like them) and long hours, depending on the employer. If you’re lucky you may be in a really cool family and you can pick up a language, live in a popular city and spend weekends in nearby countries or rural areas!

2. Nurse – Becoming a nurse can seem like a daunting task, but they will always be in demand, especially if you’re interested in Africa and other developing regions. Medical skills will always be required and you could even end up teaching basic nursing skills to villages if you’re able to find a company to hire you! Or perhaps make it your own journey by exchanging housing for teaching!

3. Teacher – Everyone has heard of that English teacher who taught in ____ or ____. Why not make it your job too? You get a choice of a lot of countries, even some European countries, with the TEFL certificate, which can provide you with internships and permanent jobs depending on the company you enrol with! Take your time selecting your certificates though as some places are picky about what certificate means what i.e. check out Trinity or CELTA certificates for reference.

4. Ship Crew Member – While not something I’d probably do myself, there are many positions online looking for experienced and inexperienced sailing companions. These jobs range from small family vessels to huge cruise ships through the Caribbean! The pay may not be great but the “free” stop overs sure beat a multiple flight airline ticket which can cost you thousands!


5. Waitress/Waiter/Bartender/Hostess – Particularly in tourist areas, you can find jobs as a waitress, hostess, bartender or waiter as an ENGLISH speaker, which is super important to those who don’t know a lick of another language. Make sure to hit up obscenely English speaking locations if you’re worried like Irish and English pubs.

6. Hotel or Hostel or BnB clerk – Lots of hostels know their customers come from English speaking countries, and many europeans regardless know English enough to communicate at a basic level. With that said, you’re the real deal to the employers, so flaunt your communication skills and your knowledge of your native tongue. Again though, the pay won’t be good but hostels are located in central areas and often trade you a room for your services.

7. Tour leader – Tour leaders, especially those with a grasp of the native language, are always in high demand. And I don’t just mean historical walk and talk tour guides. You can do everything from extreme mountain biking to a hiking club through Romania if you feel confident enough to provide people with an amazing experience. Be aware of your competition prices if considering this option!

8. Instructor – You may have a skill that tourists need or want to know. For example, scuba diving! While it doesn’t pay lucratively, it is a pretty cool job and you get to work in awesome places. IMG_5447

9. Graphic Designer – As a freelance designer you can reach out to companies around the world and sell them advertisements, print layouts, special designs, your own artwork, etc. Consider those tech savvy skills with Photoshop as a free ticket to impressing locals who are a little behind on how to make business cards (or whatever the occasion is).

10. Computer whiz – Many countries are trying to beef up their online presence, so why not stop into a small village in Thailand and help them with setting up computers, emails or even (hey!) blogs? Also consider teaching classes that help people get more tech savvy.

11. House sitter – You’d be surprised how many people get paid to just house sit. Yup, do a quick google search and you’ll find membership sites that screen people suitable for house sitting anything from apartments to villas. This is probably the most relaxed way to travel and in some cases earn a little bit of money.

12. Your own business – If you have the resources, skills and capital you can pretty much set up anywhere, or perhaps your job is to sell yourself online, which in that case just requires a computer and you.

13. Photographer/videographer – Now this does come with skill and in most cases a fairly big budget for the type of camera you want. BUT, if you’re good and you’re recognized you can sell your photos from Fiji to people in America, all with the click of a send button. Consider getting into promotional shoots for companies as well, especially hotel businesses that love those beach shots near the ocean for their American ads 😉



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  1. There are some pretty interesting suggestions here. When you’re looking at different kinds of placement services, do you have any advice for making sure you’re not getting into an unsafe situation?

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