Budget Travelling

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo you want to budget travel…. Well here are a few websites and tips to get you started on your wonderful trip that is both cost effective and fun (or perhaps adventurous if you’re brave!)

Airlines to Consider:

1. Lot Airlines – International Flights
2. Easyjet – Europe Flights
3. China Airlines – Asia/South East Asia Flights
4. Ryanair – Europe Flights

Third Party Websites: 

1. Flighthub – International flights
2. Skyscanner – International flights, also has a cool country and date menu
3. Cheapoair – International flights, prices listed in USD


1. Hostelworld – Pretty much everywhere
2. Hostelbookers – Pretty much everywhere, be aware of changing daily prices*
3. Expedia – if you have to, but be aware they charge extra for booking fees
4. Airbnb – International
5. Wimdu – International
6. Couchsurfers – International, be aware you need recommendations from other users (rating system)
7. Ctrip – Cheap hotels in China
8. Tripadvisor – International, fair share of suggestions and ratings for hotels
9. Agoda – Check ctrip for identical hotels, but pretty cheap prices for China hotels


1. Megabus – Cheap coach line for UK and (some) of Europe, Tuesday deals and one pound sales!
2. Nationalexpress – Europe coach, use “low fare finder” for the best rates


If anyone can add to this list for super cheap deals please comment below! Hopefully we can build a little page together with the best deals for everyone so travelling cheaply becomes more accessible! 🙂


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