Pros and Cons of Hostels

You’re planning that big trip and wondering whether or not that 10 dollar hostel will beat that 40 dollar hotel room. Although budget friendly, images of bed bugs, bunk beds and gungy showers spring to your mind. The thought of leaving behind that comfortable double bed in a secluded room scare you. But really, have no fear…. read on below for a few pros and cons of hostel life…..

+1 You meet some awesome people – You will meet that crazy Australian who always seems drunk, that insightful hippie from America who insists they only need one shirt their entire journey, and that guy from EUrope who has intrigued you since you first arrived, and all that comes from the hostel bar/your shared bunk-bed room.


Hostel bar across the street from our own hostel in Beijing, China

+1 You can find buddies to do stuff with – If you’re travelling alone or you’re unsure of what you want to do at this crazy new destination, people at hostels are often a great way to find out what there is to do in the area. This includes cool restaurants, cheap shops and even some great bars.

+1 You save money! – Yes, hostels are especially budget friendly to travellers, and some even allow you to have

-1 You could have your stuff stolen if lockers are not provided or you sadly look the other way in some locations. This is why reading reviews of your hostels before staying in big dorms is the best way to ensure your stuff stays protected! Don’t be scared to ask hostel staff for another room as well if yours doesn’t have a safe!

-1 No kitchen! Which means you will always have to buy your food and have no where to cook your goods!

-1 So.much.luggage.….picture everyone with their giant suitcases, piles of clothes, towels, books etc etc. scattered around your room. Mix in a few leftover bits of inevitable food, roommates who don’t wash/clean and you have most dorms!



+1 Locations for hostels tend to be pretty good for the most part, especially considering you can pay 10 dollars to stay a night in a hostel in a major city.

-1/+1 Helpful Staff – Some hostels are geared towards certain crowds of people, so make sure the atmosphere is what you want. Not all hostels have a crazy hippie free for all vibe going for them as well, and you can find places with more uptight rules and structure (like a hotel) anywhere. Read reviews about the atmosphere and also about the staff. Hostels in particular deal with a lot of people and rude staff can be an indicator of the atmosphere, but the same goes for hotels!


The street outside our hostel in Beijing

-1/+1 Privacy – This goes for everything from private bedrooms to private bathrooms, hostels do offer secluded rooms, but for a higher price. If you’re going budget be prepared to share some pretty dirty looking showers and toilets!

Who wins?
Well in my books, hostels for sure, but of course it’s up to you guys as to what you want out of your holiday. If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind dishing out the dough for a comfy sleep, go for a hotel and pamper yourself a bit. Just remember that hostels DO offer hotel style rooms as well (single, double, standard etc.), and some even have hotel prices, so check out reviews and Hostelbookers for more details.



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