Cultural Exchanges: Some TV Shows

From drama to comedy, there are some seriously great shows and films from abroad that we can all take some time to admire…Moving abroad allowed me to become so much more aware of these fantastic shows and films, and I thought it would be awesome to make a short list of a few from Europe specifically that caught my attention over the years!

1. Peep Show – Sarcastic, dark and witty, the show chronicles Mark and Jez, two oddballs in London looking to fit into the normal world. Fearful of being impolite and making a fuss, this show is such a good representation of sass and sarcasm:

2. The Inbetweeners – Following the lives of four teenage boys breaking through the awkward boundaries of adulthood, the Inbetweeners is a fantastic show never to be forgotten. Sadly, the show ended several years ago and the group made a [kind of] funny movie based on the show:

3. Shameless – Dramatic and funny, this comedy/drama follows the life of an alcoholic’s family set in the Northwest. The show has been remade into an American version, but the original will forever be better:

4. Shaun of the Dead – Anything with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost means a good movie, but in particular this 2004 horror-comedy about two regular guys from London battling zombies while just trying to have a pint MUST be seen:

5. This is England – Following a group of young skinheads from England, this movie is set in the 80’s and focuses on a little boy’s first interactions with racism and violence.If you’re interested in American History X or Trainspotting, this is another film to check out:


6. Attack the Block – Wow wow wow wow! I was so blown away by this low budget film following a group of London youth who fight against aliens. Featuring Nick Frost and a bunch of new amateur actors, this film is a comedic and intriguing watch.

7. Dog Soldiers – Following a group of British military men while they fight against a family of werewolves.

1. F*cking Amal – The story of a bullied teenage girl who craves popularity and sexual discovery. The film is shot in an amateur style and has a great and surprising ending. Plus it’s an easy film to use to pick up some Swedish!:

2. En kärlekshistoria – Translated to “A Swedish Love Story” in English, the story follows two young individuals who find themselves oddly in love with one another at a very young age:

3. Hip Hip Hurra! – Another Swedish film about the coming of age period. This one is pretty popular for featuring a racy sex scene. It basically follows the life of a popular teen girl who realizes the pressure to grow up isn’t worth it:

4. Dead snow – Set in Norway, this zombie film is both comedic and full of amusing moments. Based on the typical zombie vs. survivors storyline, this film has a touch of Scandinavian and WWII to it, making it even more amusing to watch:

1. Amelie – A truly beautiful film set in Paris, France, following young Amelie, a girl destined to do good deeds for others while trying to find the mysterious man in a train photo booth. The movie features beautiful piano music, amazing scenes and a feel good plot line:

2. La Horde – A French zombie flick with a surprisingly low budget showing what happens when a group of gangsters go up against flesh eating zombies. The US trailer has been attached below since it is pretty popular and voice over videos can be found easily:

3. The Guard – Set in Ireland, an American and Irish guard investigate a drug smuggling ring in the local town. It is super funny, super recent, and tackles some of that dark witty humour that stems from the North.

4. Lilya 4-Ever – A movie looking at human sex trafficking shot in Estonia and Sweden:

5. Bo – Sex, drugs, and human trafficking, this film focuses on a 15 year old girl who becomes caught up in a violent abusive situation while living in Belgium. Another sad but insightful movie:


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