People You Meet While Travelling

I read an article a while back found here on the 12 types of people you meet in hostels.

While most seemed to be pretty funny (especially the person who has travelled for a little too long), some are actually true in terms of who I’ve met as well! So I thought I’d write up a little something on the people I’ve met while travelling, just to compare to the article of course ūüôā

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1. The “expert traveller” – They’ve been travelling before to many places they assure you…. They love to give you tips about what to see and where to go, but you’ve already caught site of them reading their Frommer’s guide before bed. You question their credibility and their optimism towards trying new things, especially when they tell you it’s part of the culture to do this or that. You see them¬†trying to fit into the country right away, packing away the tourist clothes and saying hello to you in ______ whenever you see them.

2. The Racist – Unfortunately, not everyone on this planet understands that racism is dumb, unjustified and backwards, and when you meet that racist person, you shake your head at how misinformed people are. You question them about their beliefs and in some cases have the courage to say something to them, making them feel ashamed. All the same, you are interested in how so many views of the same issue could be alive in the world.

3. Life of the Party –¬†Making social rounds and introducing themselves to you is only part of the game. This person lives to meet the most people, have the most conversations and have the most fun. Considerably the hostel social butterfly, you always feel like this person is approachable and friendly-even when you turned on all the lights in your 12 bed dorm at 3 am!

4. The Lost Wanderer – Adventurous, occasionally backpacking traveller who has been journeying around the world for years (perhaps too long?). You ask them what type of work they do and they seem to shrug it off, taking on whatever comes their way. They give you tips on where to go and what to see, and seem to be comfortable testing the foreign food (like goat brains) that freak you out. Curiously nice, these travellers seem to be looking for something – A home? A new start? An answer to some sort of question from the past? You’re interested to know, but never know how to pose the question…

5.The Unusual Character – The guy sits by himself in the bar, speaks fluent ____ and barely talks to anyone. He seems to be there just for the food or the drinks and is mostly on his laptop. He holds open doors for you but you’re never sure of what he does or who he talks to in his free time. He makes you uncomfortable with awkward silences when you have a conversation, and you leave him alone for his strange behaviour.

6. The Drunk – Always drunk and perhaps always Australian, this individual is always one shy away from passing out, but they’re a lot of fun when you’re drinking with them. They want to play dare games, card games, acting games and any other game that results in more people joining in on the drinking fun. They’re harmless and travelling for a good time; you admire their dedication to the drink.

7. The Hostel/Hotel Shut in – You never see this person leave and you question if they have always been there. You find them tucked in their bunk beds reading, eating nuts or in the hostel bar either by themselves or in a small group. They seem friendly enough, but you question why they never want to leave. They tell you they’ve seen all the sights…but you doubt that. One day they are gone and you believe they were a figment of your imagination.

8. The Hippie – You’ve only seen them change their clothes once since they’ve arrived, and they only carry a backpack. These people barely spend time at the hostel and when they do they seem to be distant, and mysterious, and¬†sometimes judgemental. They try to tell you about capitalism and the politics of the area. Sometimes¬†nice, these (occasionally) dread wearing, nose pierced hippies are really relaxed and project a calm, nature like vibe (sometimes).

9. And….. those people who touch your lives in unexpected and pleasant ways –¬†

When you look back you remember the card games, the drinking, the movies, the food outings and the conversations that shaped your amazing downtime in the hostel. You were a bunch of people from around the world who came together to experience the art of travelling. These are the gems of your journeys.


Playing cards in Beijing with the people from my hostel!


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