Dreaming of the Beach


Stuck inside due to injuring my foot, I’ve been coming up with concepts for my next big world trip. A quick glance on google of southeast Asia fills your mind with beaches, hot weather, interesting cultures and amazing architecture. I admit it has only been two months since I arrived back in Canada, but I’m already missing travelling, hence this rather adventurous travel plan.

Considering all costs including my flights to and from these places, I have found a way to plan this entire trip, starting in CANADA, departing in FRANCE and arriving back in Canada for a 6 month period on $3000(max $5,000) dollars. 

I love having risky tight budgets, and one thing I learned from travelling last time and meeting seasoned veterans was to not plan too much. However, I do think it’s really easy to end up overspending a bit of cash, so me dividing up our budget (yes the $3000 dollar budget includes my partner!!!) seemed like a good idea!


Beaches in Thailand
                            [Image courtesy of theguardian.com]

The trip has a few routes to far:

Paris -> India -> Sri Lanka -> Maldives??? -> Malaysia -> Indonesia -> Papua New Guinea -> Philippines -> Singapore -> Malaysia -> Thailand -> Cambodia -> Vietnam -> Laos ??? -> Burma -> Nepal -> India -> HOME.

I haven’t decided on Sri Lanka, Maldives, Laos or the actual direction of the route yet, but I just thought I should let everyone know that it IS possible to travel this route under $5,000 dollars including hostels + food + spending money for 6 months.


Angkor in Cambodia
                             [Image courtesy of Wikipedia.com]

Sidenote: Did you know that the Andaman and Nicobar Islands(near Indonesia) have one of the last remaining swimming elephants? Here’s a beautiful video of the 63 year old elephant swimming in the ocean while divers take photos of her. Such a beautiful site!

[Start video at 1:55 for elephants!!] 


    1. Oh wow! Did you happen to go to Myanmar by any chance? It seems impossibly hard to get there via land crossing! What was your favourite place?? The weather must have been incredible! Thanks for the name of a place as well 🙂

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