Valentine’s Day

Sorry for the lack of updates! On top of a busy week of stressful midterms and essay papers, I also had a three part job interview for a marketing firm!

Given that this month is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d make a fun post about some non-traditional Valentine’s day traditions going on around the world! What better fun than to know what France and Italy are doing?

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Beautiful roses from the babe ❤

France: Typically in line with the traditions of North AMerica, the French seem to enjoy taking their significant others out for dinner, making it one of the most popular eating out nights of the entire year! The french aren’t that into material buys however for the special day, choosing to rather celebrate through cuisine and supposedly engagement rings!

Italy: Bigger is better! In terms of chocolate that is…. the Italians do participate in chocolate gift giving, often giving one another elaborate chocolate spreads and of course, the bigger and more elaborate, the more love you have for the other person! Guess it’s time to open those wallets boys!

Estonia: Valentine’s Day is now called Friend’s Day, a day shared by all Estonians to appreciate the people in their lives they feel special. Considering how a lot of people are single on Valentine’s Day and often find it fun to knock couples going out on the day, it is cool to see a country embracing the idea of simple appreciation! On the bright side, everyone must also just get tons of sweets!

India: Although having introduced Valentine’s Day formally into India in 1992, the country still struggles with it’s own post-colonial issue of identity. Through Western TV and influences, the idea has managed to penetrate society, filtering through in the form of TV programs and Valentine’s cards!

Israel: Although on the 15th of February, and celebrated as Tu B’Av, the holiday is historically there as a self expression of love towards friends in family, including gift giving of flowers and sweets.


Typical chocolate gift given here in NA. I made these last year for my mom!

Japan: This one is a little bit weird… Japan originally got wind of Valentine’s Day through media and foreign influence in the 50’s, introducing it to the population through similar media means. The day originally had women giving heart shaped chocolates to their male colleagues, often times giving out chocolates to EVERY male they knew (I wonder how this worked at work !) but later on becoming a gift giving tradition between individuals in a relationship (Phew!). The tradition also changed to include a White Day in which males, on March 14, would have to get their significant other a more expensive gift than one they had received…. talk about confusing gift standards!

Saudi Arabia: Considered to be a “Christian holiday”, the police regularly enforce bans on the sale of any gift items on this day, which has interestingly enough led to a lot of people being arrested trying to buy gifts off of the roses and chocolates black market (seriously it does exist!)

As for me in Canada?

I just spent the night chatting with my partner over Skype 🙂

Hopefully you all had a lovely evening/day and made sure to appreciate not only your significant others, but also your family and friends!

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