I Might be Crazy…..

So it’s official, I’m going to Italy to cycle the bottom of the boot for 3 and a half weeks! I seem to always get these crazy ideas in my head whenever I get inspired by something.


The other day my inspiration found me in a book called ‘Beyond the Horizon’ by Colin Angus. The book is basically about him being the first man to circumnavigate the globe with only human powered travel. Basically this guy was crazy (and brilliant!) enough to hop on a bike, walk and row the entire length of the world all in 720 days! I haven’t read it but it looks amazing and the fact that his fiance Julie was the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean is incredibly inspiring. Here’s a little clip from Youtube taken from their handheld camera filmed movie, just to give you guys a taste: 

In lieu of this beautiful book, I started figuring out what crazy journey I wanted to do and it finally came to me. I’m not particularly savvy with a bike but if this guy could do it for 720 days and manage to row the ocean, I think putting a little effort into getting into shape to reach my goal of cycling (at first) some PART of Italy would be great. 

Researching easy bike routes has caused me to embrace the idea of exploring the heel of Italy, a supposedly relatively flat ride of about 500 km. I really need to mention the fact that there will be breaks in between all these kilometres, so don’t get stressed out for me yet! 

The golden pathway as of now… a preliminary report of where I want to go without Zach’s input: 



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