A Nomad’s Opinion

Travelling is something that we’re all probably very familiar with and it is far from shocking to see another blog fall under that infamous “travel blog” tagline, but, as I found out whilst travelling, not everyone is ready to give up the little tips and tricks involved with travelling, or perhaps even portray the true nature of the country he/she has visited. I think as a cynical person my experiences in places I’ve had the desire to go have jaded my perception of what it means to travel-plus I somehow manage to get myself into these weird situations either through meeting odd people or ending up in strange places. So here are the Lost Soul Chronicles – a memoir of my travels through a cynic’s eyes.

I promise to be whole heartedly truthful and also a regular post publisher since it’s easy to fall behind. I’m just about sharing my adventures with everyone and hoping to hear a few stories about people’s travel’s back through this thing.


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